Epuri Energy Drink

Epuri Energy

EPURI is not just a leader in the beverage industry. EPURI is a brand that encompasses and fights for the creative community from music, arts, and fashion lifestyle.
Today, EPURI aims to be the choice energy drink among creators, collaborators, and those that live on the cutting edge of culture.
Like any creative community, EPURI aspires to expand minds, push boundaries, and deliver an unparalleled experience in everything you do.
EPURI is your muse and driving force in defining artistic moments. We’ve been waiting for you, and now it’s time for you to discover your full potential.


Our Cola is the perfect companion to accompany whiskey and rum spirits making the perfect cocktail, or enjoy a can by itself. With minimal carbonation you enjoy the flavor without all the fizz.



Made w/real cranberry juice, this sweet & tangy drink positively encourages experimentation. Serve it straight on ice, as a fruity base for your cocktails or mixed with champagne